Photo Courtesy of Glenn Dickson

A Brief History of the Canadian Prairies Chapter of GEAPS

Did you know?

The Canadian Prairies Chapter was formed in 1988.

The process was started by Bill Teerhuis from the provincial government’s Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce.

Bill hosted a meeting at a downtown hotel and invited over 170 people from the Winnipeg grain industry to attend.

At that meeting it was unanimously agreed to form a local GEAPS chapter encompassing the three Prairie Provinces.

GEAPS head office staff were in attendance at that meeting and guided the selection of a chapter board of directors.

The board of directors elected Ole Torlen from United Grain Growers as its first chapter president.

Shortly afterwards bylaws were adopted with the help of Gerry Perron from Superior Scales and the chapter was up and running.

Thanks to Brent Murray of LV Controls the chapter soon hosted its first Mini Expo which still continues today.


Thank you to Ren Lapp & Ole Torlen for the fantastic information!